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Buying the right used equipment and machinery requires high-quality process. That is why our buyers choose Auctelia.

How do you buy on Auctelia ?

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  • Then start searching the current and coming sales. You can search according to the:
    • Planning of sales
    • Industrial sector
    • Website search engine.
  • Interested in a machine or equipment listed on Auctelia? Submit your bids (when the auction is open), or send us your offers (for direct sales)
  • As soon as the best bid or offer has been accepted, Auctelia will send you a proforma invoice (request to pay) by email, to be paid within 3 business days on our third party account.
  • Upon receipt of the payment by Auctelia, we will inform you by email and you will be allowed to pick up your equipment at the seller’s premises.

Inspect the equipment before buying it

Prior to the opening of an online auction, all potential buyers can the equipment for sale at the seller’s premises during the predetermined visit period.

Why buy on Auctelia ?

  • On Auctelia, you save time and you personally set the bid that you want to submit: the exact dates and terms of the sales are known in advance and you set your price via the auctions. No more wasting time with sellers whom don't know what they really want!
  • The descriptions of the equipment for sale are as detailed as possible :the buyer can thus quickly get a grasp of the characteristics and condition of the equipment. In addition, a viewing period is always set so that any ` buyer can perform a detailed inspection of the equipment for sale.
  • Only exclusively professional equipment is offered for sale on Auctelia.
  • Auctelia is the trusted third-party in the sale process: all payments are made on Auctelia's third-party account and the seller is only paid after you have picked your equipment up.
  • Quality, our commitment ! Auctelia has implemented a clear and efficient sale process which allows both buyers and sellers to buy and sell used equipment securely.

Great deals between professionals are found on Auctelia.
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