Buyer support

Buyer support

If you have any questions related to one of your current or previous purchases, please contact one of our staff member. He or she will answer your technical, logistical, commercial or administrative questions as quickly as possible.

What are the benefits of an auction compared to a direct sale ?

Online auctions have many advantages for buyers:

  • No more time wasted on negotiating prices.
  • The auction lasts for a period that is determined in advance.
  • You set the price at which you would like to buy.

Who sells on Auctelia ?

Any European professional with a business number can sell on Auctelia. Non professionals are not allowed to sell.

Who can buy on Auctelia ?

Anyone can buy on Auctelia once they have registered with their full and correct details.

What types of equipment and machinery are sold on Auctelia ?

Equipment sold are exclusively dedicated to professionals. Consumer goods are not sold on Auctelia.

How can I be sure of the quality of the used equipment for sale ?

Auctelia pays particular attention to ensuring that the descriptions provided are as accurate as possible in terms of the characteristics and condition. However, the equipment for sale can also be inspected by all potential buyers at the seller’s premises.

How and when is the payment made ?

The payment must be made within three business days after receipt of the proforma invoice sent by e-mail. Payment can only be made by bank transfer on Auctelia third-party account.

In case of purchase, is my payment sent directly to the seller ?

No, the payment is made on our third-party account. The seller will be paid after the equipment has been collected by you. This is a necessary security measure imposed by Auctelia in the framework of professional purchases.

In case of intra-communautary purchase or export, do I have to pay the VAT ?

If you are a professional, and in the case of an intra-communautary purchase, you do not have to pay VAT if and only if:

  • You have a valid EU VAT number
  • You are paying from a bank account opened in the country in which you are subject to VAT
  • You fill in the form that will be sent to you.

In an export situation, you always pay the VAT. Within one month, you have to send us the EX-1 customs form and we will refund you the VAT.

In all other cases, the VAT of the seller's country is payable.

Can you deliver the equipment bought ?

Auctelia does not provide transportation services for purchases made in online auctions. Buyers must therefore make their own arrangements to collect their purchases on the pick up date.

For heavy equipment sold through direct sales, Auctelia works with a network of partners that can send quotes to buyers upon request.

What are Auctelia's guarantees ?

Auctelia makes no commitment with regard to the quality of the equipment listed for sale but it is committed to implement a clear and efficient sales process. Prior to the start of each sale, the seller organises a visit day to allow buyers to inspect the equipment that is about to be sold, the buyer can then judge himself the quality of equipment.

Auctelia undertakes to provide:

  • a secure auction platform
  • high visibility of sales through its international network of potential buyers
  • a secure payment system through a third-party account
  • proforma invoicing

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