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If you have any questions related to one of your current sales, please contact one of our staff member or your project manager. They will answer your technical, logistical, commercial or administrative questions as quickly as possible.

Why should I resell my used equipment ?

There are many reasons for reselling professional equipment or machinery:

  • Duplication or replacement of machines
  • Need for space in your workshop or hall, etc.
  • Closure of your business
  • Moving premises
  • Need for cash
  • Bankruptcy

Whatever the reason, be aware that any unused equipment or machinery loses its value very fast, each day: obsolescence, deterioration, rust, seizing of moving parts, dust, etc.

Selling is often an intelligent way to get cash from the company's inactive capital and allow others to benefit from equipment that is still in good working condition or use its recyclable parts.

What can I sell on Auctelia ?

On Auctelia, you can sell any professional and industrial equipment or machinery that you want, regardless of your business sector (Construction, wood, metal, plastic and stone industries, transport, production units, supermarket and small retail distribution, printing, hotels, catering and cafés, etc.).

Auctelia has already sold: production lines, manufacturing units, vehicles, site equipment, CNC machining centres, miscellaneous tooling, IT equipment, industrial machinery, shelving, etc. Consumer goods and cars are not allowed on Auctelia.

Why sell with Auctelia  ?

Our goal is to help you sell our equipment quickly at the market price. We are committed to providing advice for sellers while ensuring the visibility of sales and the quality of transactions.

High visibility

Auctelia platform is visited on a regular basis by thousands of potential buyers of professional equipment in all business sectors (industry, commerce, offices, construction, woodworking hotels, catering and cafés, etc.).

Our high visitor numbers are due to three factors:

  • Reputation of the Auctelia platform
  • High-quality transactions,
  • High Visibility of your machines thanks to our advertising tools, ads in specialised press and our address books.

Optimisation of sales

The Auctelia platform gives each buyer a view of its own bids and allows him to follow the price evolution. Thanks to the auction, the final prices are generally higher than expected by the seller, without the buyers feeling screwed.

Secure payment and international invoicing

Each transaction carried out on the Auctelia website is traced. This is a guarantee for both sellers and buyers that the money paid will be transferred to the relevant person and that the equipment can be collected by the buyer as soon payment has been made, with a national or international invoice.

How is Auctelia paid ?

No cure, no pay! Auctelia is paid on a commission basis. This means that we receive a percentage of the best bid or best offer received.

This choice is our commitment to do our best to ensure that each deal is done under the best possible conditions and in the best interests of each party.

Auctelia's commission varies according to the sales package chosen by the seller.

Is there a minimum sale value on Auctelia?

The minimum sale value is set at €500. All equipment sold on Auctelia is intended for professional use. Furthermore, only professionals are allowed to list equipment for sale.

Should the seller accept any purchase price proposed on the auction ?

Each seller personally sets the start price of its equipment for sale by auction. He or she may also set a reserve price below which he or she will not sell. The start price is an essential factor in the sale. If it is set too high, the auction will not produce the desired results, but if it is set at the correct level, the auction will allow each buyer to offer his or her chosen price. The seller is thus responsible for the success of its sale.

Is there an "efficient sales" technique ?

On Auctelia, our goal is to get statisfied sellers thanks to the auction and a professional sale process. The fundamentals of an efficient sale are:

  • Equipment always being in working condition at the time of the sale
  • Descriptions and pictures as accurate and realistic as possible
  • An attractive start price
  • A reserve price that takes into account the genuine value of the equipment on the used market.

Compliance with these few criteria is the guarantee of a successful sale in which the seller receives a fair price for the equipment and the buyer is convinced that he or she has made a great deal.

Auctelia team is always available by phone or by email in order to give advice to sellers on how to optimise his or her sale.

When should you sell ?

Any unused equipment or machinery loses its value each day: obsolescence, deterioration, rust, seizing of moving parts, dust, etc. Therefore, it is important to sell without waiting. Ideally, you should leave the equipment to be sold in working condition, it is one of the most important factor to increase the final selling price because the buyers has a significant evidence of the quality of the equipment.

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