Library Equipment and furniture

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Library Equipment and furniture
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  • Start date 27/11/2018 at 5:00 PM CEST
  • End date 11/12/2018 from 6:50 PM CEST
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    Rue Pré des Haz 30 5060 Tamines -  Belgium

  • Description

    Online auction of library equipment and furniture.

    Cause: Bankruptcy

    Sale in collaboration with the "Comptoir des faillites de spy"

    Remark for this sale: If the removal is not done on time, storage of €30 / day (and lot) will be charged by the "Comptoir des faillites de Spy"

  • Payment Bank transfer

Sale at the request of a third party. The Terms and Conditions and the Specific conditions apply on all items.

This online Auction sale is held under the supervision of court Bailiff Alain BORDET, 4031 Angleur-Liège and/or court Bailiff Marcel MIGNON, 6870 Saint-Hubert.

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Finishing - brushing machines
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