Belt sander for rotating plaster DS210 Scheppach - 230V 50 Hz 750W


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  • MakeScheppach
  • Model DS210
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Rotating Belt sander for plaster
Make: Scheppach
Model: DS210
•Machine delivered with a circular head and a triangular head
•SA variable speed allows to adjust the sanding to different surfaces
•The heads respectively of 215 mm and diameter of 280 x 280 x 280 mm allow sanding large surfaces in a single pass
• Abrasive are easily implemented thanks to their cover Velcro.
•The engine of 750 W brings the comfort of his power
•Its ergonomic design allows a grip of different way and makes the work easier by making it less painful
•The many accessories are included in series: 4000 hose connection to a vacuum cleaner (not included), 6 discs and 6 abrasive triangles, all packed in a handy box

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