LASER kit telemeter Leica with tripod used only once


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-Kit used once Leica Disto D810 Touch laser rangefinder. Still in its original packaging.

-Tripod Black Leica TRI100 tripod black -
used once

Tripod thread 1/4
Height 1,60 m

Nominal measurement accuracy: ± 1.0 mm
Increased nominal: up to 200 m
Units of measurement: m, ft, in
Long range technology
In m:10, 50, distance 100 m
Diameter of the dot of the laser in mm:6, 30, 60 mm
The tilt sensor measuring range: 360 °
Viewfinder with zoom 4 x
Camera wide angle
The photographic file format: jpg
Memory: 30 results

This rangefinder laser Leica Disto D810 touch has a large touchscreen is ideal for quickly and precisely measure distances between two points of a location.

Its exclusive technology of measurement in the picture (PIP) can determine the height, width, surface, the diameter or circumference of an object in an image taken by the D810. So you can frame your targets using viewfinders on its touch screen to measure the width of a window of the second floor, the surface of a billboard or the diameter of a reservoir above the ground remotely. With a range of 200 meters, the D810 Touch can detect a target far beyond the ability of the eye to see the point laser, especially outdoors. The digital viewfinder - digital camera to zoom 4 x with reticle on the LCD - solves this problem. More photograph you, more obstacles may be in the field. The smart horizontal mode allows you to aim over the obstacles in order to measure the flat horizontal distance to your target.

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