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Angel | 20K Juicer
Very little used
Type: cold pressing machine

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Purchase price €13,500

Why Choose Angel AG-20K Juicer?

PERFECT FOR COMMERCIAL USE - Can squeeze a large amount of fruit or vegetables per hour.
Excellent reputation - The manufacturer has been developing products for more than 25 years with very strict quality control. The result: a highly reliable and durable puller. The device is completely made of stainless steel (SUS-304). Each machine is assembled and checked by hand.
Extremely High Yield - The Angel Juicer squeezes 30% more juice and retains up to 3x more nutrients than juicers.
Completely Stainless Steel - All components of the Angel juicer are made of stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean. It has a luxurious and robust look.
Automatic pressure adjustment - Thanks to its technology, the Angel alone determines the necessary pressure force. With fibrous products, the motor automatically runs more to extract the maximum amount of juice from your fruits and vegetables.
Fewer hazardous substances - The Angel has a coating with a special antibacterial coating. Thus, 95% of dangerous substances on the skin of fruits and vegetables are removed by pressing.
Bisphenol A free - the Angel AG-20K extractor does not contain Bisphenol A.

Model Information:
What can you juice with the Angel AG-20K juicer?
The Angel AG-20K Juice Extractor is a high output juicer. it corresponds to professional use. It allows you to squeeze the same products as with the other Angel juicers. It juices all kinds of fruits and vegetables, even the hardest ones (like carrots, turnips), fibrous vegetables (like stalk celery) and leafy greens (like wheatgrass, spinach and cabbage leaves, kale). In addition, the Angel extractor allows you to prepare nut paste, tofu and seed, almond and soy milk. The Angel AG-20K juicer has a capacity of about 20 kilos of fruit or vegetables per hour, which explains its name AG-20K.

What kind of juice do you get with the Angel AG-20K juicer?
The Angel has an even more powerful motor of all domestic extractors, so maximum amounts of nutrients are retained. This extractor separates the pulp very well, you get a clear juice and almost without pulp.

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