AEV Sealing test Bench (Air-water-wind) Atibois

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AEV Sealing test Bench (Air-water-wind)
Make: Atibois
Length: 315 cm
Height: 290 cm
Power: 3 kW
Conditions: Not tested
-Wall material: painted carbon steel (it is in very good conditions)
-Bin Water harvester material: carbon steel. It is no longer in good conditions. You have to plan to replace it.
-Useful Dimensions: H 2900mm x L 3150mm
-Maintenance of the box with carpentry to be tested: by brackets + greenhouse gasket. The brackets come to self-clamp on the wall by sliding themselves over screws that overflow the wall plane.
-Power of the Wind Tunnel: 3Kw.
-Regulation: Two speeds (fused isolator switch Star – triangle) and strangulation at the exit of the blower by manual valve
-Valve switching to switch from blower to chip extractor unit
-Single desk controls. No electronic, only fused isolator switches.
-Air flow meter by measurement of DP and diaphragms set up manually, in the middle of a steel line approximately 4 meters in length.
-P and DP measurements per column of liquid.
-Very little maintenance required.
-Very robust to use.

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AEV Test bench

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  • Location Transinne -  BE
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    6890 Transinne -  Belgium
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