NVT 16-Channel Digital EQ Hub UTP/Coax NV-1672


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  • Model NV-1672
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NVT 16-Channel Digital EQ Hub UTP/Coax
Model: NV-1672
Amount : 1 

Digital reception EQ DA Hub with 16 channels
Digital equalization of the signal distance per channel and fully automatic
Use of a passive NVT receiver for distances up to max. 1 km,
Use with active transmitter of NVT for distances up to max. 1.6 km, 4 video outputs channel distribution amplifier, supports terminal a screw or RJ45 UTP video inputs (NV-RJ45A), 19 "1U high housing with high sealing, Compatible with UTP cameras, embedded protection and Earth charging, consists of 60cm jumper cables, hardware to mount in a rack and 2 adapters NV-RJ45A (NV-RJ45A).

Technical Specifications:
Adaptive DigitalEQ™ 4-band fully automatic equalize that allows for no-setting equalization at all times
19 "Rack-mountable, 1U height, 16-channel compact enclosure with 2 outputs per channel
Full screen video surveillance at distances up to 1km when used with any passive transmitter or concentrator of NVT; 1.6 km when operating with the active transmitter NV-653T; 300m with any NVT passive transmitter or concentrator
Exceptional rejection of interference
RJ45 connectivity with optional NV-RJ45A RJ45 adapter with screw terminals (included)
DC frequency response at 10 MHz
Exceptional rejection of interference
Integrated Protection against transient phenomena and isolation of sledge hammer loops
Compatible with UTP-homologated cameras
Includes four 60cm coaxial steering cables, rack mount equipment and four NV-RJ45A adapters

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