Refrigerator 1 Door LIEBHERR KEF4310


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  • MakeLiebherr
  • Model KEF4310
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Refrigerator 1 Door
Model: KEF4310

• Energy Class A + + +
• Cool Bio
• PowerCooling FreshAir
• Touch Electronic
• LED Lighting
• Stainless steel Anti Trace
Product Dimensions (H x W x D in cm): 185/60/66.5
Remark: 1 small blow on the fridge door on the right

For quiet operation, only 38dB, and limited footprint, the entire cold circuit of the BLUPerformance appliances is housed/placed in the base.

This model Liebherr KEF4310 class A + + + saves about 60% of energy compared to class A.

The Cool Organic Drawer allows to regulate the humidity in the refrigerator in order to prolong the freshness of the fruits and vegetables. The humidity regulation, symbolized by drops on the Cool Organic drawer, is
A cursor and become more efficient than a traditional vegetable bin.

The powerful PowerCooling system ensures rapid refrigeration of the foods that have just been placed in the refrigerator and maintains a homogeneous and constant temperature as well as a good diffusion of moisture.
The FreshAir activated charcoal filter integrated into the fan purifies circulating air and neutralizes bad odors.

Built-in behind the door, the 2.4 "High resolution, high Contrast touch screen ensures intuitive temperature setting. So quickly Access all functions such as Super Cool or Super Frost

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